PTA SIG e-Newsletter - Friday, July 24

PTAs: Getting Involved

Barbara Vees, PTA (PTA Highlighted)

Involvement in an organization can lead to many new opportunities. Bringing awareness of these opportunities for the PTA is our goal of this feature.

While working as a PTA in New Jersey, Barbara Vees was eager to get involved. It started with the local component, APTANJ. As one of very few PTAs who came to meetings, she was soon recognized as someone who wanted to get involved. She ran for the Secretary position and was elected for two straight terms. This led to invitations to other meetings and group sessions where the voice of a PTA was well received. She was also asked to present a continuing education course, partnering with a PT in academia, at the New Jersey Fall Conference in 2016, and again at CSM in 2018.

Aquatics is a love of Barbara’s, and she enjoyed her position at a hospital treating patients in the pool. When she heard about the Clinical Competency Course presented by the APTA Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy she immediately investigated the details. One thing led to the next and after completing the course, she inquired about opportunities to get involved. She was soon appointed to the Membership Committee, and is still a member of this group. This led to being elected to the Nominating Committee which is a three-year commitment. The three member committee works together to find appropriate candidates for each open position. Each member works his or her way up to Committee Chairperson and then ends their term.

At the end of her term, the Secretary position was up for election that fall and Barbara was nominated and elected. She has held this position for the past two years and will be up for re-election this fall. Barbara moved home to Pennsylvania in 2017.

According to Barbara, getting involved in a national organization such as the APTA AAPT has not only broadened her knowledge of aquatics, but has also exposed her to the inner workings of an organization. The Board of Directors is a unique and amazing group of clinicians who work very hard to bring quality education, research and resources to its members. She is honored to be part of such an organization.

Her next step in involvement is to try to fill the shoes of Tammy Frey, PTA, on the PA State Board of Physical Therapy. This position is appointed by the Governor. Tammy has served two terms, which end in October.

Whether you are looking for involvement that requires just a few hours, or for something long-term, there are many ways to get involved. Simply voting in the PPTA election is a start.

You can contact Barbara at [email protected] or find more information specific to PTAs on the PTA SIG webpage.