APTA Pennsylvania Committees

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The Awards Committee solicits and reviews nominations for all APTA Pennsylvania awards and selects the recipients of each award.

Conference and Continuing Education

The mission of the Conference and Continuing Education Committee mission is to provide ongoing opportunities for members to obtain continuing education credits to fulfill the licensure requirements set forth by the State Board of Physical Therapy of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, through annual conference, regional seminars and online education that are timely and responsive. 


The Ethics Committee is responsible for fostering ethical practice in physical therapy as defined in APTA’s Code of Ethics.

Finance and Audit 

The Finance and Audit Committee is responsible for maintaining the Chapter's financial needs, growth and stability.


The Membership Committee educates members and potential members in the benefits of membership to the APTA/APTA Pennsylvania.

Minority Affairs

The Minority Affairs Committee works towards increasing diversity in the profession, being a support to underrepresented minorities in the profession and improving cultural competence. 


The Nominating Committee prepares a slate of responsible candidates for the annual Chapter elections as well as assists the Chief Delegate in preparing a list of potential and actual candidates for elected and appointed APTA offices.

Political Action

Political Action Committees (PACs) allow individuals with shared legislative interests to pool their resources for a strong, unified voice in the legislature.

Public Policy and Advocacy

The Public Policy and Advocacy Committee is responsible for identifying, prioritizing, and managing current and emerging public policy issues that impact the provision of physical therapy services and empowers members with information to be engaged in Association policy efforts.

Practice and Research

The Practice and Research Committee assist the membership in understanding, complying with, and utilizing the PA Physical Therapy Practice Act and serves as a resource for research activities, processes, and education for the membership.

Social Media Subcommittee

The Social Media Subcommittee, a subcommittee of the Membership Committee, functions to utilize social media to improve APTA PA member engagement and awareness.