Make a PAC Donation Today!
PACs are only able to accept personal donations from individuals. PACs are not allowed to accept donations from businesses, corporations, or organizations. This means that our ability to support legislators is entirely dependent on the donations we receive from you and other physical therapists in Pennsylvania. PAC donations are not tax deductible. Please refer to the APTA Pennsylvania Advocacy Fund and PA PT PAC Facts, Questions and Answers document for more information.

What is a PAC?

A Political Action Committee (PAC) is an organization formed by interest groups to raise money for political candidates. Money raised is then donated to the campaign of a politician during the election cycle.

Why Do We Need a PAC?

Much of our PT Practice is influenced, regulated, and controlled by the state government. Key issues such as our Practice Act and reimbursement are areas that are heavily influenced by legislative activity. We need to make our voices heard by electing officials who support our ability to continue to provide the best care for our patients and clients. We provide financial support to candidates who have supported essential healthcare initiatives, specifically with physical therapy and patient care. Oftentimes, the funds are donated at an event such as a fundraiser where the APTA Pennsylvania representative in attendance has an opportunity to meet, discuss issues, and build relationships with the politician. 

Current Issues

  • Compact Licensure
  • Direct Access
  • Telehealth
  • Dry Needling
  • Access to School Board PT

Donate To The PA PT PAC

  • Cash - less than $100
  • Check - made payable to PA PT PAC and sent to the APTA Pennsylvania Office
  • Credit Card

More Information

What is the difference between the PT PAC (federal) and PA PT PAC (state)?

Both are important, but there is a huge difference. The federal PAC (through APTA) is for what happens in Washington, D.C. The state PAC (PA PT PAC) is for what happens in Harrisburg.

The PA PT PAC can only make donations to campaigns for State Senate and State Congress - which controls important issues such as our Practice Act. 

PAC Rules for Contribution

Contributions are regulated by federal laws. To be in compliance, PA and all other states have the following guidelines for contributing:

  • Individual personal contributions to the PA PT PAC may be used for direct donations to political campaigns.
  • Contributions from corporations may not be used for direct donations to political campaigns. These donations may be used for PA PT PAC administrative expenses.