Legislative Ambassadors Network (LAN)

The Legislative Ambassador Network (LAN) was established in 1984 to provide each Pennsylvania state senator and representative with a personal contact from a constituent APTA Pennsylvania Ambassador member. 

APTA Pennsylvania Ambassadors are members of the APTA Pennsylvania Legislative Ambassador Network (LAN) who serve as volunteers to be key contacts for their elected House and Senate legislators, either based on where the volunteer lives or where their practice is located. Ambassadors establish ongoing relationships with their legislators or key staff members and may become an invaluable resource as a health care expert. Ambassadors are encouraged to invite their legislators to their clinics, hospitals, or practice sites to provide firsthand information about our profession.

APTA Pennsylvania Ambassadors contact and make visits to their assigned legislator(s) at least once per year to facilitate ongoing communication. Ambassadors may also have the opportunity to visit their legislators in Harrisburg at the Capitol during active lobbying efforts.

APTA Pennsylvania Legislative Ambassadors Activity Report

When an Ambassador contacts their assigned legislator, an activity report will need to be filed documenting the request, to be shared with APTA Pennsylvania legal counsel, the Chapter office, and the LAN coordinator. This information is very helpful in our lobbying efforts in that it provides our legal counsel and the Legislative Advocacy Work Group with your legislator's stance on an issue--support, opposition, or no specific opinion--and will allow them to spend time with legislators who may need further information about an issue. Contact the APTA Pennsylvania office for instructions to submit your Legislative Ambassador Activity Report.