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IMPORTANT ALERT: Clarification of the PT to PTA Supervision Ratio In Pennsylvania

Nov. 27, 2023 Update: In collaboration with APTA, APTA PA, Pa SBPT the FSBPT has updated and corrected the PT/PTA ratio mistake in the national grid!

The Practice & Research Committee has recently been informed that information is being circulated stating that there is no longer a 1 PT to 3 PTA (1:3) supervision ratio in effect in the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Practice Act 110 or the Chapter 40 regulations. This is not accurate information.

The Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Practice Act 110 PTM - Physical Therapy Practice Act.pdf (pa.gov) and accompanying regulations in Chapter 40 49 Pa. Code Chapter 40. State Board Of Physical Therapy (pacodeandbulletin.gov) have very specific statements regarding this required supervision ratio.

The Practice Act 110 states the following
Section 9.1. Physical Therapist Assistant; Education and Examination; Scope of Duties; Certification
(6) A licensed physical therapist shall not supervise more than three physical therapist assistants at any time.

This requirement is reaffirmed in Chapter 40 regulations:

§ 40.171. Functions of physical therapist assistants.
(c)  Patient care services performed by a physical therapist assistant under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist shall be on the basis of not more than three physical therapist assistants for a licensed physical therapist.

Please share this information with any Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant, whether a member or nonmember, who may have been provided  inaccurate information.  The license of any PT and certification of any PTA who does not abide by this supervision ratio is potentially at risk of a violation.

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  • The mission of The Ethics Committee of APTA PA is to provide contemporary and ongoing content education to our members related to emerging ethical issues. Please view a free webinar titled "Telerehabilitation: Ethical Considerations" by Sean Griech PT, DPT, PhD, OCS, COMT.

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