Southeast District (SED)

The Southeast District is composed of Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Bucks counties.

About Us

5countyareamapOur goal is to provide an interactive resource to the membership that encourages communication and professional development. If you have any comments or suggestions for ways in which these pages might better meet the needs of the District, please contact us.

The district has in-person meetings hosted in various locations throughout the year. We do post the schedule here and send out e-alerts/newsletters to our members. The main purpose of the meeting is to convey information from APTA Pennsylvania/APTA and secondarily to provide education. We try hard to keep members updated professionally and clinically. We welcome members and non-members, student members and student non-members and consumers. Please invite someone to come along as their is no charge to attend our meetings. We look forward to meeting you!

Our best advertising and demonstration of the benefit of belonging is our members. Please take the time to personally invite someone to join or
re-commit to becoming a valued Member of the APTA Pennsylvania.

Our main means of communication is via email. We urge you to have your email not only updated but able to be released for use. SED gets the email lists from APTA. So, if you update your email address there, we will get the information. To do this, go onto, in the upper right hand corner is “my APTA” tab and then update. When you allow APTA to share your email address, you will automatically receive the SED newsletters and the ballots for elections in the SED and APTA Pennsylvania. Sharing your email address may also allow better communication with colleagues and the community who use our web sites.

If you are not a current SED member and would like to receive our district updates, opt in to receive our future communications.  

News and Events

  • District Meetings: 30-minute APTA, APTA Pennsylvania and SED Business Meeting followed by a 60 minute continuing education program. CEUs are available for the continuing education program. Watch your email for announcements on the continuing education program. Meetings take place the second Wednesday of September, November, January, March and May, 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Locations are rotated through several sites to improve access and convenience for members throughout the district to attend.
  • Read the May 2021 SED e-Newsletter!
  • To see the SED events, click on the APTA Pennsylvania Full Event Calendar. Select the "Districts" category at the top of the APTA Pennsylvania Events calendar to filter.



Alex Haddad
Southeast District Chair
Term ends: 12/31/23
Claire McCann
Southeast District Vice-Chair
Term ends: 12/31/21

Jennifer Novik
Southeast District Secretary
Term ends: 12/31/23
Lisa Hoglund
Southeast District Treasurer
Term ends: 12/31/22


Committee Chairs

Chris Carroll
Southeast District Public Relations Committee Chair
Colleen Bradley
Southeast Member-at-Large/ District Program Committee Chair
Michael O'Hara
Southeast District Nominating Committee
Term ends: 12/31/21
Kennedy Chukwuocha
Southeast District Nominating Committee
Term ends: 12/31/22
Bow Arrow
Southeast District PA PT PAC Liaison

Sara Tomaszewski
Southeast District Mini CSM Chair

Chanele Criswell
Southeast District Minority Affairs Liaison

Sonya Newland
Southeast District Membership Committee Chair

Carlo Carlo Mabilog
Southeast District
Communications Committee Co-Chair and Webmaster
Southeast District Student Observer

Carolyn Murphy
Southeast District Advocacy Chair



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Southeast District Mental Health Resources

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