APTA and APTA Pennsylvania Centennial Celebration

In 2021, APTA celebrated 100 years as a member association - and launch the next century as the largest community for physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and students.

On this landmark occasion, APTA Pennsylvania supported APTA in embracing our profession's rich history and generating momentum toward our exciting future.

APTA Pennsylvania celebrated the Centennial during all of 2021 by bringing you the APTA Pennsylvania Centennial Speaker Webinar Series, the Flat Mollie competition, the APTA Pennsylvania timeline with past-president interviews, and much more! 

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APTA Pennsylvania Centennial Speaker Webinar Series

Thank you to all who attended one of our Centennial webinars! We hope you enjoyed our speakers and their presentations.

Flat Mollie Competition

We all know the story of Flat Stanley, the boy who was flatted by a bulletin board and now can fold himself up into an envelope and travel anywhere in the world, but have you heard of Flat Mollie? Mary McMillian, or "Mollie" as her friends called her, is considered the Mother of Physical Therapy and was the first president of the American Women's Physical Therapeutic Association. We asked all APTA components to download and print out our Flat Mollie below and take her on their adventures (whether it be to work or on a trip!). 

View all of our winners here!

APTA Pennsylvania History and Interviews

APTA Pennsylvania Timeline

View APTA PA's rich history through the timeline segments below.

Timeline Installments

View APTA Pennsylvania historical facts here.

APTA Pennsylvania Past President Series

View the Past President Series page to hear about APTA PA history, insight, and words of wisdom from past APTA PA leadership.